If you are in need of financial assistance for Occupational, Physical or Speech Language therapy, please email to request an application.  Your email should include what is recommended:

  • Type of therapy
  • Frequency of service, e.g. weekly
  • Length of service, e.g. 60 minutes

If you have health insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company to determine if the therapy services are a covered service and at what rate, if any, the service is covered.  Examples of insurance coverage:

  • Therapy services are partially covered—80/20—the insurance company pays 80% of the cost and you pay 20%.
  • The insurance company defines a set co-pay for the service.
  • Therapy services are covered after deductibles have been met.
  • Therapy services are not a covered service.

Since the scholarship program is the payer of last resort, insurance coverage or any other payment source must be determined before therapy begins.

If your application is accepted, you will be responsible for a monthly co-payment, the amount of which is determined by the financial information you provide.  CTGF will pay the balance of the therapy bill each month after the co-payment and the insurance payment (if applicable) have been received for the month.  Initial scholarships are for a period of four months.  Subsequent scholarship may be valid for up to six months.


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